Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for someone who is planning a project... or in the middle of one.

Our gift vouchers are available from a value of £5.00 up to any amount you would like. 

Ideal for someone planning on updated there garden with new chippings, paving flags or artificial grass. Or some much needed maintenance around the house!

£20 could buy a new Carbon Black fireplace hearth 
£50 could buy a dumpy bag of decorative aggregates
£75 could buy 2 pieces of artificial hedging to cover a full wall
£100 could buy 5m2 of beautiful Sandstone Paving

£10,000 could buy a small house extension... 🏠
£20,000 could buy a share in CBS... 💰
£50,000 could buy us a new JCB...🚜

The last 3 are preferred 👍🏼

If you would like to buy some vouchers please get in touch, you can either pick them up or we can post them to you.

01228 525104