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Our cement is still only £3.50ex.vat!

Cement is a product you can guarantee every builders merchant, home improvement or DIY store sells. It is made by lots of different companies and has lots of different names. But basically if its general purpose, then its all pretty much the same.

Cement is also a building product that you can pretty much guarantee everywhere you go there is a different price. Some places have list prices of over £7.00ex.vat!

Even if you find a merchant selling cement at a great price, the chances are it won't be staying like that for long.

Our cement however, is priced low. Not just for this year, but last year... and the year before that... and the year before that...

Our general purpose cement (Hanson and Ecocem) is still only £3.50 ex.vat per bag! So instead of ringing around for the cheapest price, you can be confident our cement will be at the lowest price... every time you need it.

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