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3 Tips to Transform Disused Outdoor Spaces

It might not look like it but small walled back yards can be a blessing in disguise, offering a blank canvas that can easily be transformed into low maintenance outdoor living



Tip 1 Make use of the concrete floor...

Unlike adding a patio to a garden area, yards often have concrete floors which are ready to go when it comes to adding paving flags. All you need is mortar!

More often than not the concrete has been laid to drain water in the right direction and is nice and level. Making installing a beautiful new patio a piece of cake!


Tip 2 Say bye bye to old brickwork!

Don't get us wrong, we are in the business of selling bricks and walled back yards can look stunning if the bricks are in good condition and maintained.

Sadly however, many yards have been whitewashed over the years, either to protect the bricks or to cover up already rotten and popped faces.

Cladding these old walls in timber really adds a fresh contemporary look to your new outdoor space. With the timber usually coming unstained the possibilities for colour are endless. Meaning you tie your new patio into your new walls.


Tip 3 Keep some green (just not moss)...

Its important to remember when creating your new outdoor space that you still need some natural looking (albeit artificial) elements.

Using artificial hedging helps keep the feeling of being outdoors, without the hassle of cutting the hedge or trimming it back when it grows to much.

This will finish your new outdoor space off nicely by keeping a soft buffer between the new wall and floor. It can also cover any loose ends your may need to hide, such as gaps between the bottom timber and the new patio flags. Its such a versatile product.

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