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Beautiful Porcelain Paving

Bellezza is a lightly textured natural stone effect porcelain, available in a choice of 3 colours.

Benefits of Vitripiazza flagstones:

Vitripiazza flagstones are a full bodied porcelain, meaning that the entirety of each flagstone is made from high quality porcelain, as opposed to cheaper vitrified ceramic tiles or alternatives that may just have a porcelain layer on the surface. Also, all of the edges are rectified, as they are machine milled to produce crisp, smooth edges, for ease of installation and to enable very neat joints/lines to be achieved. Not only do the Vitripiazza flagstones offer a varied colour blend that reflects natural products, they also provide home owners with the ultimate choice in durability, longevity and style as they are:

Highly durableResistant to attack from moss, mould and pesticidesResistant to saltNon absorbent (<0.1%)Frost proofEasy to clean

Bringing the outside in:

The Vitripiazza range is available in 18mm – 30mm thick flagstones, designed for external use. To enable you to bring the outdoors in and create a flush finish from your garden into your home, some of the ranges have a matching 10mm thick floor tile, for internal use.

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