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Very good penetration characteristics, easy to aim application, temperature resistant from -20° C (-4° F) to +120° C (+248° F), free from silicone and PTFE, resin and acid free, permanently viscous, removes squeaks and rattles, displaces water

Benefits of use:

Multi-purpose, optimal dosing, suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Areas of application:

Frees stuck screws, nuts or rusted metal parts, displaces water and acts as contact spray, protects, cleans and lubricates tools, lawnmowers, secateurs and other gardening tools, lubricates and cleans engine shafts and bearings, lubricates hinges, joints, bowden cable, locks, pushers, levers, rollers and chains, dissolves dirt and brake dust from aluminum rims, gun powder residue from weapons and resin from motor saws, lubricates and protects steel cables, drill sockets, gears and lock cylinders, protects tools and metal surfaces from rust, cleans metals and brings back the shine

Beko TecLine B10 Universal Oil