The Rotorvent Turbolite is the best quality, most effective revolving anti down draught cowl available on the market today. It will eliminate down draught issues as well as helping to increase draw up a chimney or flue. It is also suitable for use as a ventilator or on land fill sites to help remove gases. The Rotorvent Turbolite also comes with Colt Cowls well established Money Back Guarantee. In essence, if the product does not solve your downdraiught issue - you can have your money back! (Colt Cowls Money Back guarantee explained in full under 'Features')

  • Superb quality
  • Light in weight
  • Tested and certified to BSEN-1856-1:2003
  • Simple installation. Comes complete with strap fixing kitoption as well as hook bolts
  • Money back guarantee(explained in full under features)
  • Tested from minus 20 °C to 250 °C
  • Revolving bowl is made from high quality stainless steel
  • Unique fin fixing system
  • Suitable for all fuels


Colt Cowls

Colt Cowls have been market leaders inthe production of chimney cowls since 1931. All Colt Chimney Cowls come with the following benefits:

    Highest quality chimney cowls available
    FREE next day delivery anywhere in mainland UK
    Highly competitive prices
    Technical back up from expert an expert sales team with over 80 years experience of making Colt Cowls
    Constant developement of new and exciting product ranges

Quality Guaranteed

Because Colt Cowls have been making chimney cowls for 80 years, you can be sure our offer has stood the test of time! Most Colt Cowl products are manufactured from high quality aluminium alloy and stainless steel. Colt Cowl products have been designed to withstand normal operating temperatures in chimney flues up to 250°C. Since 1931, millions of Colt Cowl products have been installed. The Colt Cowl stamp can be found on products with individual packaging and it is your seal of quality and a symbol of what distinguishes Colt Cowls as the best quality chimney cowls on the market.

Money Back Guarantee

On certain products an unconditional Money Back Guarantee is offered. Experience has shown that only in isolated cases will our product range fail to solve the problem encountered. If, having installed the product correctly, the problem still remains, simply return it to the place of purchase within a reasonable period of time, with full proof of purchase, for a full refund.

The MBG applies to all products with the MBG symbol displayed. The guarantee will not apply where a product has been subjected to temperature in excess of the recommended operating temperature and where excessive wind speeds are experienced, or where it can be shown unseasoned wood has been burnt. The offer does not affect your statutory rights.
This Rotorvent and its predecessor models has been in production and use for over 20 years and many tens of thousands have been sold and installed to solve chimney problems. The Money Back Guarantee will provide the return of the purchase value by the seller if the Rotorvent does not solve the problem of downdraught.
Although Rotorvents are manufactured to the highest quality standards from premium grade materials, experience has shown that there are parameters against which the product will reasonably perform.
Accordingly the Rotorvent Turbolite should not be used in the following circumstances:

When the flue temperature can exceed 250 degrees celsius
When installed on a short chimney- 4m or less in height
When wet or unseasoned wood is being burnt

If having read the above, you believe that the product is not appropriate for your anticipated use, there are other options. Colt Cowls manufactures a wide range of static anti downdraught cowls which will very satisfactorily resolve most widely encounterered chimney problems.

Rotorvent Turbolite

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