K11 is a salt resistant cementitious tanking compound for the protection of structures against water from the ground and which may potentially be subject to hydrostatic pressure. K11 can be used on the external side of buildings below ground level where positive pressure exists, or on the internal (negative) side, without the need to build supporting walls. 


K11 Grey must always be used as the first applied coating, K11 White can only be used as a secondary coating. Used in conjunction with SBR Bonding Agent


The Sovereign Tanking system is fully covered by British Board of Agrėment Certificate 91/2608.


Form Supplied: Dry Powder


Packaging: 25kg


Colour Ranges: Grey


Coverage rate: Below ground 4kg per m² in two coats


Contains:  Blend of cement and additives


Shelf life: 12 months unopened. Store between 5°C and 30°C


Once cured K11 is impervious to water and the system has been independently tested to withstand greater than 10 bars of pressure on the negative side (over 100 metres head of water) with a coating thickness of 4 mm in two coats.

Sovereign K11 Grey Slurry 25KG


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