Timber Preservative contains resins, pigments, co-solvents and a broadspectrum fungicide, in a low odour solvent. For pre-treating all types of soft or hardwood to give a quick drying quality preservative treatment with a light fast colour that can be subsequently painted or stained (except brown). 


A water repellent grade is also available containing polyoxoaluminium stearate to reduce the amount of water absorbed if timber is subject to wetting. 


Form Supplied: Solvent-based, ready to use 


Packaging: 5 litre


Colours: Clear, Brown, Green & Red Cedar


HSE No': 3807


Contains: 0.25% w/w IPBC & 0.25% Propiconazole


Coverage Rate: 2m² - 8m² per litre by brush, dependant on timber Dipping - 3 minutes


Shelf life: 12 months. Store between 5°C and 25°C


All types of soft and hardwood applications such as:- 


- Windows and Doorframes 


- Skirtings and Rails 


- Floorboards 


- Roofing Timbers 


- Soffits 


- Sheds and Fencing 


- Garden Furniture


Due to the nature of the product Sovereign coloured Wood Preservatives (except brown) do possess some priming properties. However, depending upon the finish required proprietary primers can and should be used in certain instances.

Sovereign Timber Preservative Brown 5L


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