A dark grey black natural slate panel with a rusitc appearance.


The TIER® panels rise in interlocking ‘tiers’, fitting seamlessly together, eliminating the need for specialist labour and making this system a quick and easy system to use. Each individual piece of stone is held together on the panel by a cement backing.


The Multipack Range has been developed as a universal walling system without the need of separate quoins. Its unique design means the Multipack can be used for any application, such as feature walls, fireplaces, external entrances or commercial projects.


Panel Measurements

The system comes with 4no. panels per box, these panels can be used for straight areas or corners.

  • Panel A 517mm wide x 215mm high
  • Panel B 317mm wide x 215mm high
  • Panel C 200mm wide x 215mm high

All panels 38mm – 40mm variable thickness


Per pack

  • 2no. Panel A
  • 1no. Panel B
  • 1no. Panel C
  • 0.33m² per pack
  • Weight per box 28kg
  • Weight per m² 80-85kg


We can also supply you with the recommended Tier adhesive, building board, sealants, cleaners and mechanical fixings.


Mechanical Fixing is recommended in conjunction with the suggested adhesive to areas of panel fitted above 3 metres from ground level.


Suitable substrates for panelling:

  • New or existing concrete or block work structures
  • Tier® Building Board screwed to a Timber Frame Structure
  • Tier® Building Board screwed to Steel Frame uprights

Tier Black Slate Panel System – Multipack

  • Ensure all surfaces are structurally sound, between 40º F (4ºC) and 90º F (32ºC), and free from all dirt, oil, grease, paint and concrete sealers or curing compounds

    NOTE: Only install TIER products on the following suitable substrates:

    • Traditional unfinished Block Work
    • Concrete (Scratch surface if very smooth)
    • TIER Building Board

    Find the level of the first full height row of panels by dividing the height of the surface by 215mm (the height of each panel), it is good practice to have the cut panels at the bottom of the wall. Until the adhesive has fully set the first row of panel will require temporary support. A straight edge (normally a timber lath) should be fixed to the substrate to proved support and a level starting guide .


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